Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Scar & Eye Cream Gel Review

Scars happen. They don't HAVE to, though...

 I have been looking for an over the counter type product to reduce my acne scarring for some time now. My dermatologist pushes expensive prescription products that irritate my skin, or are just not effective enough to pay such a large sum for. As I am a beauty blogger, I was given the opportunity to sample InstaNatural's Scar Gel Cream in return for my honest opinion. I found the product more of a gel, as it is light, non-greasy and it absorbs very quickly. I originally used the scar gel on my upper cheeks where I have both old and active scarring from acne and from a skin peel gone terribly wrong years ago. While I did find the gel very soothing, without irritation, it had a texture that did not allow for foundation makeup to be applied over the dried product. As a cosmetologist, it is VERY important that I wear foundation to work, so I found another use for the the scar gel.
I have several dogs who occasionally scratch my arms or legs during play, sometimes these scratches abrade the skin and leave dark marks as they heal. I got two red raised marks in the soft underside of my arm three days ago after some silly play on the couch and IMMEDIATELY applied this scar gel. It did not burn or irritate and the redness of the area was soothed immediately. As per directions, I reapplied twice daily to the upper arm area where my skin is frosty white and soft. After the third application, I am convinced that this product sped the healing and kept the dark scarring from appearing as it does all up and down my arms and legs from various scratches and scrapes that I encounter at the salon or in the garden or by my dogs who really need manicures. Give this a try, it's a great product from a small company who offer excellent customer service.

Wow, I wish I had started this eye gel five years ago! I just turned 44 the other week and realized that I should have started a pro-active anti-aging skin care regime a minimum of five years back to prevent these fine lines and eye puffiness that I've noticed in the recent year. I live in a very old house with new found allergies as well, leaving me with bags under my deep set eyes that make me look like a bulldog. Beyond just vanity, I am a cosmetologist expected to project (and sell) a certain look of youth and health and glamour which needs a LOT of help these days.
 Enter InstaNatural Eye Cream, who generously provided me with a sample in return for my honest working review of the product. I had a great experience with their Scar Gel Cream reducing my inner arm scratches, and I am equally enthusiastic about this eye cream. I have a bit of creasing under the eye due to very harsh acne skin care, which I was focusing on for years instead of treating my eye area with gentle, hydrating products such as this. I apply the eye cream in the AM, fresh out of the fridge for a cooling sensation, just a small dot gently worked into my inner eye by my nose, sweeping under the eye to the full orbit by my cheek, past the outer edge onto my temple. The cream is actually more of a gel in its quick absorption and I can apply my full foundation and eye makeup within probably two minutes of application. There is no residue, nothing to interfere with make up application. In the evening, I apply the eye cream from the fridge again post-shower, before applying my nightly serum to the outer eye area. I awake to less puff, less shadowing and am seeing a bit of softening in the lines at the inner lower orbit where my poor nose/upper cheek has taken such rough drying treatment. I do not have to apply concealer under my eyes thanks to this product. I will definitely repurchase as this eye cream meets all my needs! DO NOT WAIT, start a preventive eye care regime today and give this product a chance.

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