Thursday, March 12, 2015

Muddy Buddy

Spring in Houston Equals Mud

 We have two default seasons here in Houston, Texas: cool and humid versus boiling and humid. We are now in the cool night approaching furnace day known as "spring". Nonstop rain. Ugh.
 Stellar enjoyed a delightful mud mask yesterday, one of the first dry mornings this week.

 I don't recommend rubbing your face in my multi-dog gumbo clay yard mud. I DO recommend trying Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask. I was pleased to be given a sample in exchange for my honest review and am a decades old fan of mud and clay masks in general and a new fan of this mask in particular. The texture is more gel in consistency than other mud masks, due to the aloe vera ingredient. I love this as it stays in place yet is smooth and non-gritty, allowing you to work it into your pores to get the full sebum reducing affect. The scent is very pungent eucalyptus, almost minty, yet didn't bother me as the mask dried. Ten minutes is the recommended time to let it dry, but I lost track of time and left it on for maybe half an hour without any issues. No inflammation, no redness. In fact, I have more redness with a quick salicyclic acid face wash than with extended time with this mask.
 The smooth gel nature of the dead sea mask made it the easiest mud mask I've ever washed off, though I do suggest washing the mask off in the shower so you can really steam it back up and wipe off with a washcloth very thoroughly. There IS a sulfur odor when the mask is washed off after drying, I'm not sure how to explain the smell other than smelling like Nair remover but it will pass once the mud is thoroughly wiped off and your skin is patted dry. The results are worth the temporary odor, to be sure. 

See, the mud mask is quite firm in the container and a dream to apply. After the warm water rinse, I inspected my face in my 10x hand mirror and saw many of my blackheads on my upper cheeks and nose were pulled to the surface and ready to be extracted. The mud mask had softened the congested pores and allowed me to just pop out the blackheads, then use a toner and my vitamin C serum. My skin post mud felt clean, taut but not stripped and my vitamin C serum absorbed easily. The instructions call for a weekly mask treatment and I can't wait to get muddy again. I will probably extend the mask over my neck and onto my chest and shoulders this go round. Give this small company a try, their product is a treat for any skin type, especially congested skin.
 Now, to the real question: WHO WORE IT BETTER, ME OR MY DOG?

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