Saturday, March 7, 2015

What Does a $1000 Luxury Mask Look Like?

Lionesse Gem Golden Sapphire Mask 

 I am a contest junkie. I spend the majority of my online time looking for hair inspiration, working on my portfolio using social media, and entering every contest that I think I have a chance at winning. I've been lucky enough to win palettes, hair care, skin care and toys for my friend's kids. Take a look at this incredible luxury skin care item that I was so LUCKY to win, as I would never be able to afford this super high end skin line called Lionesse.

 Everything about the packaging tells you this is a LUXURY product, from the thick golden logo box with magnetic closure to the dense, heavy gold and clear packaging. Absolutely beautiful, something to really show off in your bathroom or on your vanity to be sure. My nail color is Margit by Julep, a soft frosty greige lavender, one of my new favorites. 

 With a price tag of $1,000 (yes, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS), you may say that the packaging is all well and good and so flossie but.... WHAT IS THE PRODUCT REALLY LIKE? 
 It is UNLIKE any product I've ever tried. It is a "mask" made with fruit extracts and gems, according to their promotional material. I cleansed with warm water, as I had already used a cleanser that morning and didn't want to overdry my skin. I applied the Lionesse mask in a very generous pump's worth and worked the light, slightly opaque white lotion down from my hairline to my chin, making sure all my facial surfaces were covered, including my T zone. The smell was heavenly, very high end and not overwhelming or of a single note. My poor skin has been blasted by harsh acne products and is in recovery and this "mask" felt so soothing, never oily or heavy as it sat on my face for ten minutes per instructions. You do not wash this mask off, just massage it into the skin. I did have some moisture bead up on it here and there, had the same results with those who used it at the salon, and you just smooth that back into the skin.
 Amazingly, I had NO BREAKOUT after use. No pimples, no redness, no congested pores, just soft skin that really stuck with me for DAYS. Recommended for weekly use, I decided to pass my luck onto the cosmetology school's salon for use with their facials as there's no way I could use all of that huge rich container myself. I hope the clients are delighted as I was when the box if presented and they enjoy a soothing massage with Lionesse.


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