Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winter Blue Dog

I Guess It's Spring?

The temps are up in the 70s here outside Houston, Texas. I'm hoping it won't be too hot for long sleeved tunics yet as I haven't bought many. 

Larkle is enjoying the sunny days after weeks of cold wet gloom. 

 I took Claire on her first visit to Trader Joe's earlier this week. She spent about $100 on a week of unusual and healthy foods that were very reasonably priced, comparable to what Kroger or HEB stocks. She brings her own lunch to cosmetology class and needs a nutritious variety to prevent wanting fast food.

 Lastly, I've been using my Julep gel eye liners more and am considering just going back to liquid liner. I'm almost 44 and my lash line is skipping a bit too much when I pull the pencil across it so I'm not able to put it on in a precise thin to thick line. Julep makes a quality gel eye pencil, it sets very quickly and is smudge resistant and Claire looks fabulous in it. My older eyelids tend to drag on the lash line and even primer can't prevent the crease transfer. Back to Almay liquid liner in the felt tip! Also, I need to learn to fill in my non-existent eyebrows. My body hair is sparse and I'm not overplucking, I swear.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

How To Dye: Silver Steel Blue Grey Version

Silver? Blue? Grey? Whatever it is, I love my hair color.

I made the radical shift from years of brassy hot copper hair color to this cool mermaid look in tones of blue, grey, ashy silver and purples last year before summer. I went from this:

..... to this in a 24 hour process which I did myself at home.

UNlike most of the silver grey hair you see online, I don't use a filter or mess with the saturation/warmth of my photos, so what you see is actually what I wear, not a photoshopped version of a steely gunmetal blue gray dyed hair that is next to impossible to achieve. Sure, I use a blur tool on my skin but I'm 43 -- I MEAN I WOKE UP LIKE THIS
I will never be tumblr famous because I'm old, but my hair is really rad and I think the cooler tones suit me better than the hot reds.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Julep Box Review January 2015

My January Julep Box Review

I've been a Julep Maven since October 2014 and my subscription boxes just keep getting better. This January box was *free* thanks to my Jules points which add up with every purchase or when I accept my monthly boxes.

 The Maven boxes are shipped toward the end of the month and you get to view your selection before accepting shipment, which allows you to switch out items from a fairly extensive list of other Julep items. Most boxes are two premium polishes and another cosmetic, so if you aren't into highlighter, you can switch out for eye makeup or another polish or maybe an application brush. Items are also available for way below half price as "add-ons" too. 

 I received a FREE nail polish from their new Metamorphic Top Coat line! SO I paid only $6 for this box which included three premium polishes, a really rich eye shadow and a soft bright lip gloss. The cost was for the add-on polish alone... WHAT A STEAL. 
 I wasn't really a polish person until I started getting Julep and my teens swear their formulas are worth the price, wearing better than OPI or Butter. 
 Treat yourself to a FREE Julep box, you just pay a small shipping fee:

 The monthly Maven box is a splurge but I assure you, it is WORTH it. You can skip the delivery for the month if finances are tight and just pick up the next box. You will find yourself looking forward to your monthly pink Maven box, just like me. And my teens. Who I have to beat to the mailbox.