Thursday, March 26, 2015

Pura d'or for Hair Loss

Short and Semi-Sweet Review

 Pura d'or was gracious enough to supply me with their Premium Organic Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo and Premium Organ Argan Oil Based Conditioner in Lavender Vanilla. I always give my honest opinions and try the products several times, as directed, prior to posting my reviews.
 I really wanted to like Pura d'or, and the products may work better on a different hair type than mine, which is very porous from bleaching, naturally fine and has bright semi-permanent coloring that is easily stripped with the wrong shampoo. The Pura d'or Premium Organic Hair Loss Shampoo had a gel like consistency out of the pump, was clear and had an earthy but not unpleasant scent. I only shampoo maybe three days a week to keep my color in, and the shampoo went to town on my oily scalp, literally making it squeak. My hair was not gummy or stiff after the shampoo, which happens with many brands both cheap and high end, like how my hair HATES TIGI Urban Anti-dotes, much to my dismay. Like TIGI Urban Anti-dotes though, the Pura d'or pulled out most of my demi- and semi- permanent color, which had been freshly done three days before. That made me sad.
  I chose the Hair Loss Prevention shampoo as my hairline has been thinning for years and I've just come to accept it. I did try using the shampoo only at the edge of my hairline and, maybe because I'm suddenly looking for it, I have noticed several dozen new dark hairs poking through before the hairline. Just tiny stubble, but maybe if used as often as possible, daily for most men, it can make a difference. I just can't risk my hair color.
 Just to show how honest I am, here's an unflattering pic of my no-make up self with all my sun damage and wrinkles and thinning hair line. Hard to tell but there ARE tiny hairs coming up, whether from the shampoo or the extra massaging, I'm not sure.
 I did not care for the Organic Argan Oil Conditioner in the slightest. It immediately absorbed into my hair and would not wash out with warm water, leaving me to use the hottest water I could handle to try to get it out and still... so greasy. I gave it two chances, same results. My hair is just too porous for the Argan Oil conditioner. Definitely for thick, denser hair.
 Apologies for the slow posting, as I'm in the middle of moving from a house across town to an apartment. *sob*


  1. I never realised how difficult it was to combine hair colour with care products. Goodness! This is an interesting read, I might try this Argan stuff, as I do not colour my hair, and I would like it to grow better. Thanks!

    1. Eugenie, thanks for reading! I try to avoid any product that claims to do everything as I've yet to see such a beauty product exist (or any product making such claims, now that I think about it). If you want to try Argan for your hair, might I suggest Cashmere Falls Heavenly Hydration? I was given a bottle for review and need to get my post up *but* it is blended specifically for hair and I've found that I can use it on my ends without all the tacky, heavy feel that Argan seems to leave.