Friday, March 13, 2015

Argan Oil, Truth or Fiction

Argan Oil, Miracle? Or Just Marketing?

 Argan Oil: the hot new beauty cure-all found in everything from hair care to skin care to nail care. Usually when one product claims to help EVERYTHING, it actually helps... well, it may help a little but in more of a "better than nuthin'" way. I have clients who swear by it and clients who ask my opinion on it and, like any beauty professional, I want to stay on top of the hottest trends and technologies and maybe bust a few beauty myths along the way.
 I was given a bottle of  Foxbrim 100% Pure EcoCert & USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil in exchange for a non-biased review. In a world of trending products, you have to be *certain* that you are buying the purest form such as Foxbrim's Argan Oil, not whatever processed junk might be tacked on to cheap hair/skin products trying to catch your eye. Foxbrim promises NO additives, parabens, fillers, silicones or fragrance to irritate your skin or plug up your pores. Since I have skin that looks like a moonscape full of blackheads and acne scars, argan oil's non-comedogenic rating of zero on a scale of 0-5  is extremely important. I have enjoyed a few moisturizers recently that gave me painful, red bumps by the next morning and made my blackheads worse, though they were touted as being great for problem skin. Read your labels!

  I am really satisfied with my Foxbrim Argan Oil, especially as I had doubted the claims that it is non-comedogenic and appropriate for skin/hair/nails in the manner so many sites rave about. My polish in these photos is Margit by Julep, I just can't stop repainting with this shade! 

 Argan oil is much less dense than the Vitamin C serum I've been working with recently. The texture is fluid and feels best when you heat a few drops in your palms before application. I wash with my Derma MD Wasabi cleanser and leave the skin damp, as argan oil absorbs better on moist freshly cleansed skin. I put about three drops in my palm, rub briskly, then use my clean fingertips to work the argan oil from my hairline  (and even into my hairline) to my eyes, using circular motions to really work the oil in as it wants to flow downward. I work the oil into my eyebrows, which I'm hoping will fill in as claimed on some argan oil enthusiast pages. I work the oil between my eyes onto the dreaded frowny lines, which have really been softened by my Amara Vitamin C serum but you can use both argan oil and serums in the same skin care routine without issue. I rub the oil in the orbital eye area, especially at the temple and outer eye. Some women use argan oil to remove eye make up, but I'm doing fine with Lush's 24/7 for now. Keep on working that oil down into the labial-nasal fold, softening up the acne scars and the general age lines as well as the lines appearing around my lower lip and chin area. I even run a bit over my lip line. I do avoid my nose right now, as it's recovering from a whitehead explosion due to the overly rich moisturizer I used days ago. Ugh, ageing blows but THIS really takes the edge off my rough facial skin and gives a hydrating plumpness without aggravating my acne.
  I finish my facial treatment by rubbing my palms all over the backs of my hands where all the spidery lines are and I saw immediate and lasting results, especially up between the knuckles. If you have to wash your hands a million times a day at work like I do, you will appreciate the tenacity of the softness, I will try argan on my legs and feet next. Not sure about using on my hair yet as it is very fine and I'm concerned that the oil might interfere with the semi-permanent color. 
I will be reordering Foxbrim's Argan Oil. 

Do YOU use ARGAN OIL? Have any tips for me?

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