Monday, April 13, 2015

Pin Head

 I am a dermatologist's dream: acne scars, huge pores, fine lines, not so fine lines, discoloration, dog bite scar, home TCA scarring, rosacea, occasional cystic acne... I am sure I have a few more but let's focus on the DIY what can I do at home without melting my entire epidermis off aspect (losing a top layer is not such a bad deal).
 If you keep up with skin care fads, you'll have heard of the dermaroller, meant to traumatize skin into regrowing itself and fill in lines, wrinkles, healed acne scarring and generally encourage collagen regrowth. Your dermatologist can perform the needle puncturing with a needle stamp, a needle roller or a single needle in their office OR you can be brave (and budget minded) and attempt deep skin trauma in the less surgical surroundings of your own home.

 Guess which one I chose?
I was given this 1.0mm DermaRoller in exchange for my honest review and here's my ever unbiased opinion:

 Keep in mind that I'm a cosmetologist, not an esthetician and perhaps I wanted to try out the very hyped DermaRoller on my chin crinkles and angry 11s frownie lines. My timid approach will most likely not mirror the experienced hand of the clinician though I suggest one go into this kitchen surgery of sorts with both pro and con research and be prepared to properly and safely cleanse your face and your derma roller prior to and post rolling treatment. You are opening your skin to potential infection if not properly sterilized. I used an alcohol prep pad after gently washing my face with Cetaphil. I thoroughly washed my hands and under my nails as well. Some suggest using a numbing cream, I'm a big girl so I can do without.

 I ran the roller over my frowny lines 3-5 times in several directions. It felt exactly like having a thousand prickly needles roll over your skin. I flinched a bit but it was oddly pleasant and triggered my salivary glands --- what's that about? The small needle sizes are suggested for frowny lines and deep acne scars. This 1.0 is a larger size meant for larger general areas and a decent choice to figure out if you can handle the pricking sensation. 

 You can see some redness under the roller though you'll also notice that I'm red all over, due to my fabulous cranky skin. It's also allergy season and my eyes are swelling a bit. After I did my frownies, my eye crinkles and the chin crinkles at the corner of my mouth from sleeping face smashed into my pillows, I placed my derma roller in a glass of alcohol for an hour to disinfect, then back onto its stand to dry and store until its next use in two weeks. I misted my face with my miracle Puracyn wound cleanser, as it never stings and is an effective medical cleanser for any scrape or puncture. My skin had some moderate itching for a few hours. DO NOT TOUCH and no makeup for the day.

 It takes several months of twice monthly treatments to see dramatic differences. I will keep you updated. If you have a dermatologist, ask if they offer derma rolling or derma needle punch, as I've seen some incredible results with time. If you can commit to cleanliness and safe usage, give this DermaRoller a try. 

 No blood, nothing gory in this video, just me rolling a gazillion pins over my face and the roller squeaking.

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