Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2 Meals Out of a $5 Chicken

Apologies to my veg readers but I have to share what I cook every week.

 For $5 or so, I pick up the freshest broiler chicken, wash thoroughly, pat DRY including under wings and inside the cavity (check for gizzard/organs which dogs love raw). Sprinkle with sea salt generously, I prefer smoked Himalayan pink salt for extra flavor. Put in 400 degree oven in roasting pan, 20 minutes per pound, then add about 20 minutes or check with a poultry thermometer. Do NOT open oven until you're ready to take bird out, as it can cause spattering. Once  done, you will have the crispiest skin EVER. Let cool a few minutes, serve and shred those leftovers for soup or in a sauce over rice the next night.
Here's a Thai green curry using the dark meat I shredded off the chicken carcass. Way too spicy, I need a better recipe!
Had to throw in this adorable rainbow storage bowl set from Walmart. Only $5!
 Do you have any twice cooked meals to share?

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