Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Digital Paper Dolls!

  I'm normally not into fashion apps unless I'm procrastinating. 
 Here's a mother lode of fashion-ating fun for those who like to mix and match wardrobes and potentially buy the look they love. The app is Trendage and it offers upscale clothing that is on trend along with accessories, shoes and handbags. Trendy items are reasonably priced and the range covers work, after hours and casual meaning you can plan a full week's wardrobe in a matter of minutes and potentially purchase on the spot as well. I obviously know nothing about work wear as I thought this would be SMASHING at the salon:

 I enjoyed all the mix and match though I'd like to see more layering options such as jackets/blazers/cardigans/wraps and leggings/tights under skirts. Accessories were all necklaces, though many were quite lovely and styles I'd probably never look at on their own but really popped out over the tops. I'd like to see bracelets, belts/cinchers and headbands as well.

 I had a lot of imaginary fun dressing up my boyfriend in this high end rockstar hot outfit. *eyebrow wiggle* He'd sooner be caught dead than admit to liking this beyond the boots. That's fine, he's already prettier than I am anyway. Men's selections were curated fairly well. I'd like to see bowties or ascots or something on all those oxfords.
 I would definitely enjoy being able to customize the models with selfies, as neither the woman or man look anything like myself or my boyfriend (don't I wish I had her hair and figure though). 
 Give TRENDAGE.COM or its app a try and link your looks here as I want to see what you like!
....especially if you have housework to do....

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