Monday, May 4, 2015

Pup Life

 A major move found my family without our dogs after a decade of always having a dog, either as a foster or our own pet. It was heartbreaking and we decided to look for a puppy to fit our new, more complex lifestyle. Meet Solaire, our Boston Terrier puppy.

Solaire is only seven weeks old now and spends more time sleeping than he's awake. His waking time is packed with so much activity and learning, though. I have taken time off the salon so I can get him housebroken and on a schedule instead of just putting him in a crate for hours daily. Part of meeting his puppy needs is finding appropriate chewing items. Best For My Pets kindly offered a pack of Tripe Stick Chews for Solaire to sample in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Solaire's verdict? He LOVES these tripe chews! I give him both 2" cut ones and different thickness original large 5" pieces 
and he like to carry, toss and chew them. They have a slight odor, nothing overwhelming and I keep a few by our bed to give him when he needs help calming down to sleep. 

 He likes these as much as his bully stick and they do not get sticky or messy bits, just a satisfying chew that is digestible, high in protein, grain free, low fat, made in the USA from Brazilian cattle and economical. This 6 ounce bag holds enough various width treats to last a small dog a long time. There were at least 16 chews here and keep in mind that you can cut them for tiny dogs like mine. Great for senior dogs, too!

 Solaire loves these, and you get a satisfaction guarantee from Best For My Pets as well. Give tripe a try!
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  1. The link to your Facebook page is not working I tracked you down and messaged you on facebook to show I had been there

  2. love trip treats for my girls, they are so good for them, also feed raw tripe by blueridge

  3. My Lucy would love these! Thanks for the giveaway.