Thursday, February 12, 2015

Live and Let Dye!

Used A New Color Product

  Part of the edgy hair color experience is being pleasantly surprised when my color doesn't come out exactly as I had hoped. What is totally unprofessional to do for a client is pretty freakin' fun to do on yourself as far as experimenting with dyes and a "plop it on and see" attitude.
 My roots are at least an inch plus and very dark against the silver grey blue tones of my current color, which breaks up the layers great in some points but looks kinda yuck as a face frame. I didn't want to bleach out my roots yet so my plan was to tone the brass between my old bleach (silver blue grey) and my roots (just yuck) with Wella T18. Armstrong & McCall closes so early that I find myself at Sally with the Wella T18 and a tube of Ion Color Brilliance Lavender and I pick up the new-to-me Ion Ash Intensifier, which you add to the color process to drab that brassy red brown ick that makes blues and purples go all green. This product is VERY POTENT, please use the minimum amount unless you're cool with surprises like I am.

 Here's how the drabbing went down.

Back of the hair is getting more brass than ash, making green tones.

I liked the dark roots in the crown and bangs but -ugh- not against my face.

What a difference sunlight makes! Same day, hair looks platinum silver grey outside.

To blend in my dark roots more, I decided to add a whole tube of Ion Ash Intensifier because it was suggested in the instruction pamphlet to use up to .5 ounce (size of the tube) to make a dramatic difference. Oh, I would say DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE was had here.

Always do a test strand! Or not, because I'm cool with this blue hue too.


  1. Wow! How long does it last?

    1. It's a semi-permanent, so how long it stays really depends on your hair's condition and lightness when you apply. Mine is a level 9 (ashy pale) under the color, so it's also really processed and the color usually stays in forever as a stain. I recommend using only sulfate-free shampoos or even just conditioner cleansing to keep color in. BUT SHORT ANSWER: I washed it and lost a ton of blue, now it's gunmetal grey blue. :D

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  3. I tried this last night but i wasnt wanting to lighten my hair at all so I used a Volume 5 Deveolper and about 1/3 of the tube of Ion Ash Intensifier, it literally looks like it did NOTHING. What did I do wrong?? I left it on for 30 minutes.