Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Treats for My Dogs

"Best Day Ever" Voted By My Dogs.

 I was recently the lucky winner of a great dog blog giveaway and received three huge boxes of dog treats from Paws Barkery! My five dogs were so stunned by the generous gift that they forgot to even bark at the delivery guy.

 Stellar inspects the box, which is as tall as she is and half her weight in delicious dog cookies. 

 Three delicious flavors of Paws Barkery Cookie's Kisses were included: Carob & Vanilla, NutterBites and Snickerdoodles. 

Girl George came running for a Cookie's Kiss. 

Larkle was the only one who bothered with a *sit* for this Vanilla & Carob treat.

 This was a really special delivery for myself and my dogs as I don't buy them treats regularly and these are PREMIUM "good enough for people" dog treats. I even tried one and thought it reminded me of Maltomeal or some comfort food. The ingredients are wheat flour, canola oil, honey, egg, carob, baking soda and vanilla, just like a "people cookie". I can't wait to try   My dogs can't wait to try the other two flavors. 
THANK YOU to Paws Barkery and My Dog Likes for this chance!

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