Friday, January 23, 2015

How To Dye: Silver Steel Blue Grey Version

Silver? Blue? Grey? Whatever it is, I love my hair color.

I made the radical shift from years of brassy hot copper hair color to this cool mermaid look in tones of blue, grey, ashy silver and purples last year before summer. I went from this:

..... to this in a 24 hour process which I did myself at home.

UNlike most of the silver grey hair you see online, I don't use a filter or mess with the saturation/warmth of my photos, so what you see is actually what I wear, not a photoshopped version of a steely gunmetal blue gray dyed hair that is next to impossible to achieve. Sure, I use a blur tool on my skin but I'm 43 -- I MEAN I WOKE UP LIKE THIS
I will never be tumblr famous because I'm old, but my hair is really rad and I think the cooler tones suit me better than the hot reds.